Shameless STD Testing

Protect yourself. Protect your partners. Have peace of mind.
  • Arrives in discrete packaging.
  • You do the collection at home.
  • Provider consult available for positive tests.
  • Return to lab using included pre-paid label.
  • You receive your results by text.
  • FDA-Approved testing and laboratories.

Choose YourTesting Panel

The Perfect STD Panel

The Perfect STD Panel

A complete and comprehensive testing package that covers everything.

A Very Good STD Panel

A Very Good STD Panel

A well-rounded testing package that covers all common concerns.

Note: Due to state regulations, we cannot ship testing kits to New York.

Why test withShameless?

Imagine you bring a second-hand car to your mechanic for a once-over before you decide to buy it. The mechanic gives one of the tires a casual kick, and then gives you the thumbs up, declaring it a “solid purchase.”

What he didn’t do, though, was take a closer look under the hood or hoist the car up to inspect its underbelly. He basically just skimmed the surface before stamping it with approval.

This scenario isn’t too far off from what’s happening with most healthcare professionals today regarding STI testing. They conduct a few tests, check off a couple boxes, and send people on their way, leading them to believe they’re completely STI-free. However, without a more thorough examination, there’s a lot that can be missed, leaving individuals unaware and unprotected.

FAQ &Information

How do your prices compare?

Here is a look at three of our competitors, so you can compare tests and pricing.

Take this one from Everlywell. It’s only $169 but doesn’t include a throat swab, and therefore shouldn’t be considered for those who have oral sex. It also doesn’t include Mycoplasma Genitalium (MG), Trichomoniasis (trich), Hepatitis B or Herpes Simplex Virus.

Another company offers a testing kit for $199, but unfortunately, it doesn't include tests for those engaging in oral sex, Mycoplasma Genitalium, or Trichomoniasis.

This alternative competitor to Shameless Care offers a comprehensive testing package but with a few differences. While they exclude Hepatitis B testing, Shameless Care includes it in their package. However, their package does offer gonorrhea and chlamydia testing specifically for the anus, which Shameless Care does not include. Therefore, if you have no concern about Hepatitis B and suspect you may have gonorrhea or chlamydia in the anus alone (excluding throat or genitals), their test is a suitable choice. It's worth noting that their testing kit is priced at $369, while ours is available for $299, making ours more affordable.

Are the tests accurate?

Absolutely, yes. You deserve STD testing that is as accurate as it is complete.

A laboratory processes the STD tests you get through Shameless Care using the same techniques as major healthcare institutions.

Lab Details: Molecular Testing Labs, 14401 SE 1st St, Vancouver, WA 98684

Need details? Download our datasheet here.

How long for delivery?

Delivery takes 7-10 days.

The tests come straight from Molecular Labs in the State of Washington to you. 

Are the tests painful?

When we promise easy, we promise minimal discomfort.

Getting “the works” when it comes to a complete STD test panel, means testing different fluids from different places.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Urine testing is painless—you need to worry mostly about aim.
  • Blood collection is through a lancet device that most people experience as a quick pinch.
  • Taking a throat swab sometimes triggers a gag reflex and can feel scratchy for a moment.
Is the STD packaging discrete?

Your privacy is part of our promise to you.

Your STD test panel has only the pharmacy name on the exterior package.

Why can't I go to my doctor?

You can, but be careful.

We created Shameless Care because we’ve seen many lifestyle members struggle to acquire competent and comprehensive STD testing, even after telling their doctor that they were non-monogamous.

Over the years, we’ve seen dozens of people’s STD tests from their doctors. Most patients describe their tests as “the works” or “everything,” but there were wild inconsistencies between what tests physicians ordered. Even more careful terms like “A 10 panel” or “full panel” tended to vary and have coverage gaps.

Imagine two people meeting at a polyamory meet-up.

Person A: "I was std tested last week and tested 'clean' for everything.

Person B: "That's great! I tested last month. Also, clean!"

That conversation was utterly useless. Neither person knows what tests the other received. They may barely know what tests they received! They left it up to their provider. Big mistake.

It could be that person A’s doctor tested her for HIV, Hepatitis, and Trichomansis while person B’s doctor tested him for HIV and gonorrhea.

There isn’t one STD; there are several. Some can be found in different body areas and require other collection methods to find. Therefore, the phrase “STD testing” is a term that is meaningless without further details.

If you decide not to use Shameless Care, we recommend taking this list of tests into the exam room. That way, you can be your health advocate and get the tests you need.

We cannot emphasize this enough: Learn about testing, your own unique needs, and demand the tests you need and deserve.

Do you accept insurance?

No. But you may be able to seek reimbursement from your insurance company.

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