The Perfect STD Panel for Californians

Take control of your sexual health.

A comprehensive package designed to give you peace of mind, now covered by your insurance in California.

Due to new regulations regarding in-home testing in California, residents have purchase assistance.

If you are covered by one of the insurance providers below, you can purchase our Perfect Panel for just $89.

Most STI testing leaves a lot to be desired, but let me share an eye-opening example. Despite the prevalence of oral sex, most physicians and all commercial STI testing companies neglect to test throats for easily transmitted and often symptomless bacterial infections like gonorrhea and chlamydia.

Enter Shameless Care – the only online company that includes throat testing in their services. If you have oral sex, Shameless Care absolutely needs to be your STI testing company.

And that’s not all, Shameless Care also test for common infections like Mycoplasma Genitalium and Trichomoniasis.

Stay in the know and prioritize your sexual health with Shameless Care.

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You deserve better testing.

You deserve Shameless Care.


See why throat testing is so important here.

Our “complete panel” includes:

Chlamydia oral throat swab test
Chlamydia genital urine test
Gonorrhea oral throat swab test
Gonorrhea genital urine test
Mycoplasma Genitalium urine test
Trichomoniasis urine test
Syphilis blood test
HIV blood test
Herpes Simplex 2 blood test
Hepatitis B blood test
Hepatitis C blood test

See test procedure videos.

Note: Only order testing for yourself. If both you and your partner want testing, you each need to order your own with your own account.

Note: Tests must be returned within 60 days of arrival.


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