A Very Good STD Panel

Take control of your sexual health.
A comprehesive package designed to give you peace of mind.

Shameless Care is the ONLY online STI testing company that offers a throat swab STI test. Anyone who has oral sex must be throat swab tested.

In fact, we believe any testing kit sold without a throat swab should come with a warning label, “Warning! Not for people who have engaged in oral sex!”

Throat swabs are the only way to detect oral gonorrhea or chlamydia, which can live in the throat without causing symptoms.

This panel is an excellent, affordable package for those wanting to be confident in their sexual health.

We started Shameless Care to provide exactly that.

Most people walking around believing they are STI-free haven’t been appropriately tested.

Testing has a positive impact on your sexual experience.

People choose sexual partners based on negative STI tests.

Some people choose to go without condoms due to a negative STI test.

You deserve better information.

You deserve better testing.

You deserve Shameless Care.


See why throat testing is so important here.

Our “very good panel” includes:

Chlamydia oral throat swab test
Chlamydia genital urine test
Gonorrhea oral throat swab test
Gonorrhea genital urine test
Syphilis blood test
HIV blood test
Hepatitis C blood test

See test procedure videos.

Note: Only order testing for yourself. If both you and your partner want testing, you each need to order your own with your own account.

Note: Tests must be returned within 60 days of arrival.


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