ED Meds Can Be a Perfomance Boost

Let's talk about why.

Swinging is a different ballgameEntirely

I’m sitting on the couch, and she’s straddling me as her nipples brush my mouth, back and forth. We’ve been kissing and undressing each other for a half-hour, she’s dying for me to enter her, and the feeling is more than mutual. She’s so beautiful and seductive. I’m completely lost in her, and I’m hard as a rock.

All I want to do is slide into her, which seems like the most natural thing in the world, but we always play with condoms. Suddenly my brain has to switch from the primitive reflex of sexual desire to the complex thought of looking for something that is lost. Where is a condom?

I look on both sides of the couch. No condoms.

I look on the floor. No condoms.

I lean her back a bit so I can look behind her. No condoms.

Finally, I have to ask her to move so I can begin the search. I look around the room for a minute or two, becoming more flustered.

She tells me where her condoms are, so I rummage through the bag of items she brought. I’m pulling out clothes, snacks, a bottle of water, vibrators, and finally get a condom that had settled into the very bottom of this bag.

I start to head back to the couch, to this stunning woman I’m dying to get intimate with, and realize that I’m completely soft. The frustration of looking for a condom has not just restarted my sexual arousal back at where we started but retarded it. I’m not even at baseline now. Being flustered while looking for a condom has completely shut off my penis.

We restart some foreplay, and after a few minutes in the hands of a very caring and skilled lover, I’m almost, but not quite, hard. I ask her to put the condom on because I knew her hands on my penis would help me maintain what I had. Once it’s on, I begin to enter her.

Now I’m in the awkward situation of trying to enter her when I’m not all the way hard, using my hand to guide myself into her. My cock is bending. It’s a process. Most of us guys have experienced this at some point.

I know that if I get a stroke or two inside her, I will stiffen, and everything will work correctly. But now that the inevitable happens when our penises don’t work quite as expected, I began to think about it.

“Why isn’t my dick hard?”

“What if today is the day it just doesn’t work?”

“I hate condoms so fucking much!”

The lifestyle can trigger ED.

Condoms. New partners. Different environments. Erectile dysfunction in the lifestyle is prevalent.

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