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colette is proactive about its members health, safety and success. That’s evident in everything they do, including John and Jackie’s “Open Love 101” courses.

There is no doubt about it. colette cares. This is why colette partners with Shameless Care, a telemedicine company for the consensual non-monogamy community!

Shameless Care offers two things:

WhyED Medication?

Even if you’re young and healthy, it’s almost certain you will encounter erection issues in the lifestyle.

Swinger sex is not regular sex. You’re often in a strange environment with someone you just met. using condoms… And watching your partner have sex with someone else.

Let’s face it, men… That’s a lot of stimuli that can make it difficult to obtain and maintain an erection.

That’s why virtually everyone in the swinger lifestyle uses ED medication.

When you decide to look to medication for help, Shameless Care should be your provider.


If you sign up this week using coupon code NEWCOLETTE you’ll get $40 off your medication. That’s much higher than the usual discount code.

It’s a code specifically for new colette members.

A doctor will review your medical form and your prescription will be approved (if you qualify) within 48 hours.

Now let's discussSTDs

Most “complete std” panels are anything but complete… Even from most local physicians.

Think about your last STD test.

You had your blood drawn.
You peed in a cup or had your genitals swabbed.

But did you get your throat swabbed? Did someone stick something resembling a giant q-tip down the back of your throat?

If not, you weren’t tested for the very infections you’re most likely to contact in the lifestyle… And frankly, you deserve better health care than that. You can learn more in the text below.


…for being a part of colette.

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