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As much as the CDC promotes dental dams and condoms for oral sex, in our experience, not many people use protection for oral.

This is where experience is helpful. If you have multiple partners and have unprotected oral sex, you should frequently test for gonorrhea and chlamydia. Those tests should include both a urine and a throat swab collection.

In our experience, even most primary care physicians do not recommend throat swabs, assuming that most people do not have oral sex. Gosh, medical school must be more boring than I imagined!

Unfortunately, oral gonorrhea and chlamydia can be asymptomatic, and you can be a spreader without realizing it. Testing is key.

See why throat testing is so important here.

You’ll receive one test kit loaded with the options you set below. It will arrive complete with everything you need to perform the tests yourself and a paid return shipping envelope.

Note: Base $12 fee covers handling and shipping.

See test procedure videos.

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